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HLR-5064 Opinion - not impressed

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I'd like to hear what others think - maybe my set up is'nt done right but I'm really not impressed with the HLR5064. I had the LG 52" with the HD2 Chip and I upgraded (or so I thought ) to the Samsung. I had read that the Samsung with HD3 has much better Contrast Ratio and better brightness - I figured the upgraded chip etc would make for better picture. I'm on Expressvus HD sat and the quality was quite good on the LG.

Definetly not better on the Samsung and to make it worse the remote is very, very cheap looking and not as functional.

I'm wondering if maybe I'm missing something. I know HD2+ is supposed to be the best but would it not be safe to assume the HD3 should be better than HD2?

Anyone else have the 5064 and what do you think....and special set up anyone could recommend?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.

Ken :confused:
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There is an extensive amount of material in various forums about these chips and comparisons of brands. The general view is the HD3 is a marginal improvement over the original HD2, and the HD2+ is better than the other two. For general viewing the difference is not going to be dramatic.

Having the set professionally calibrated may help. You could also use one the common calibration disks yourself.
HLR's in Canada get the shaft

Take a look at this entry from the Samsung FAQ Canadian site.

2005-04-30 05:00:00

Question Do Any Samsung DLP TVs Have A Built In HDTV Tuner?

Attached File

Although all current HL-P series Samsung DLP TVs are HDTV compatible, none have a built in HDTV tuner. To view HDTV on a current Samsung DLP TV, you would have to attach the TV to a separate HDTV tuner (set top box). This is also true of all older Samsung DLP TVs.

On the other hand, all new HL-R series Samsung DLP TVs will have a built-in standard (NTSC) tuner you can use with an antenna or standard cable and a built-in Digital (ATSC) over-the-air tuner (OTA) you can use with an antenna. The Digital tuner lets you view OTA digital broadcasts. The HL-R series DLPs will also be Digital Cable Ready (DCR) with CableCARD.

The new HL-R series DLP TVs will probably be available in May or June of 2005.

The above is NOT TRUE...the HLR don't all have Cable Card ready...

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Hlr-5064 #2

I recently purchased the new HLR5064 at one of Edmonton's Vision stores. Overall I like the picture quality and connectivity, but I noticed what looked like smudges on lighter colour monochromatic images. I called Vision's and they were incredibly helpful. They offered to exchange the TV for another one.

I got the new one yesterday and its even worse. I was watching PBS HD on Shaw this morning and noticed distortions but there were even more than on the first set. With the set off you can't see any marks on the outer surface of the screen. I really like the TV but can see spending this much cash on a defective product.

Anyone else noticing similar issues?
Many issues with these units

I gotta say that I'm soooo bummed about this DLP.

I have no idea what 50" in this style would be better...
I've also notices that when watching CNN or something that has info. at the top and the bottom of the screen the HLR somehow magically has everything blown up so you can't fit everything on the screen.

I used my HDTV bell expressvu configuration to raise and lower the picture but it doesn't always going to lose info...things top and/or bottom get cut off.

I email answer. Makes no sense - I had the LG HD2 unit and never had have the issues I'm having now. My DVD's aren't coming out as clear as they did on the LG and last but not least...this white splotch that stays on the screen when the unit is off is awful, an eyesore. Samsung says its normal and it's a part of how their system is put together.

They might be right - I've never owned a made in mexico tv so not sure what I should be expecting, my expectations obviously too high.

Yes I've noticed the same as you have .....let me know what you do about it.

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Looks like #2 is going back...

Hi Ken,

Sorry to hear about your problems. I was chatting with a salesperson where I bought mine from. At first he couldn't see the distortion, until I pointed it out to him. The display model had the same problem. He was going to talk to his Samsung rep about the issue.

I'm thinking I'm done with the's too big for my room anyway. I think I'll go for a 32" LCD instead. It's a lot smaller, but the Acer I was looking at had great colour and PQ.

I had a 61" toshiba CRT rear projection unit in my old home. It had the same fuzzy glow when it was off.

It'll be interesting to see what Samsung does about this model. I was really looking forward to a great TV. I'll stop at 2 defective TVs and move on to something else. Good luck.
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Why didn't I read this review before I bought the TV???

Ken, I am having the same unimpressed feelings as you with my new 5064. I've had it for almost a week, and there is nothing I've played on it that has blown me away. I've hooked it up to VGA and tried HD stuff, and those were mediocre at best. DVDs look horrible, all grainy and unfocussed. My old 28" Hitachi CRT made the DVDs look better than those and it was running on composite cables, not component like my new tv.

I must say, dropping $3000 on this TV was way too much.

I was walking in FS the other day, and they had an old 5063 lined up with a bunch of others. It was by far the worst TV of the bunch. The others were all focussed and bright while the Samsung was completely not.

I think I am gonna take this tv back and look elsewhere.Any suggestions?
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Check out the Hlp5085.Its awesome i have had no problems with this definately worth checking out.
scobro said:
Check out the Hlp5085.Its awesome i have had no problems with this definately worth checking out.
I concur. Mine is great. No problems at all and fantastic picture. As a bonus, you could get it for 2 grand less than me and laugh at how foolish early adopters are!
cdnsafetyguy said:
Anyone else noticing similar issues?

Purchased a HLR-4664 from Visions in Calgary and never worked from the start - something to do with the lamp assembly/connection. Visions upgraded me to the 5064 for my trouble and I have also noticed the "smudges" on light backgrounds.

Can I assume that they replaced yours because the smudges are not "fixable"?

Hoping something can be done...

Samsung HLR-5064
Samsung DVD-HD850
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I've had my HL-R4664 for over a month and it is great. There was a little bit of fan noise when I first got it, but it dissapated. I think this TV is ridiculously fantastic for HD and DVD's look awesome.
I spent a LOT of time in the last week looking at Samsung HLR-5064WX's, Toshiba 52HR85's and the Sony KDFE50A10.

Overall, I prefer the KDFE50A10 over both of the DLP's, even with the Silk and Screen Door Effect. I found the picture to be just a tad "sharper" than the Samsung (the Toshiba was a bit sharper as well, but the colors were not as intense IMO).

Either way, I didn't have the experiences you guys had. It looked pretty damn good and I might even purchase it, depending.

What I do think though is that Samsung has some problematic manufacturing. That is the impression I got from your experiences and some other ones.
I just purchased a 5064 it looks great very clear but unfortunetly its way to big for my room I bought 3 days ago i think i'm goin to switch it up for something smaller. If they give me any problems returning it It will be for sale 2900 can. with matching stand E mail if interested Gta area.
My HLR6164

Just bought a Samsung HLR6164 at a very good price after many months of research. After hooking up to my home theater system, a HD DVD player and others, I couldn't be happier. It worked like a charm!
Everyone not enjoying the Samsung DLP have a look at the Sony KDFE50A10.

I had a HLP samsung for 10 months and it was full of proplems and Samsung Tech support made things worse every time they fixed it.

I got rid of it and got the sony which is incredible.
In short next to the Samsung:

Better blacks
No Audio Delays
Quite (can't hear the fan at all)
Brighter picture
Better colours
No clay faces
No rainbows
No screen smudges
no problems at all
Better menues
Better Remote
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bentyyc said:
Purchased a HLR-4664 from Visions in Calgary and never worked from the start...
I'm noticing the same problem with my HL-R4246W. The first one I had was pretty noticiable, the "smudges" or light grayish "clouds" were streaking through the top and bottom of the screen, I could really see it during light backgrounds. I went on and exchanged it at Futureshop and the new one is not as bad, only a few on top. But it really bugs me to have it there, it looks like little clouds and dirt spots. I contacted Samsung and they said it needs to be serviced and to do that you need to fill out this form on their website so I did before the holidays and I'm still waiting for them to call back. Hopefully things will work out and the smudges will go away! Other than that the picture looks killer!
I just bought the 6164 about a month ago and a first I thought the picture quality was crappy but then i realized I needed glasses.

So after i got glasses I realized that the best viewing angle for this TV is dead on center and low. If you are higher then the TV it will be less brighter and less clearer, if you are on the side, same thing. I veiw it from upto 20 ft with my glasses and I see a clear picture.

Also you have to relize what kinda a picture. Regular cable (not digital) cable, gives me a snowy, blurry picture. Some channels are better then others, global, CTV, CFMT are very clear (Rogers Cable Toronto Canada). I then have my satellite receiver hooked up to my TV via S-Video. This is an improvement over regular cable. PPV channels are by far clearest, sharpest pictures. Then I have HDMI DVD player Samsung. The picture quality is superb, especially widescreen enhanced DVD's. Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Peral Harbour give fantastic colour and clarity. I was watching the sopranos, and I noticed that the whites where super white. The rest was clear picture, but the white were somehow live and snowy, I then realized the the DVD player has a brightness setting and it was set on 5 (max) i lowered this setting to 2 and the white phenomeon went away. I also noticed that the 720p is a bit better then 1080i but I know this varies with whether or not the DVD is widescreen enhanced or not.

Overall, after i got glasses, I realized this 6164 is incredible for a widescreen. The only thing I dont like is the remote. IT has a joystick, very cheap feeling. I think I have the wrong remote because what I have is different from whats in the manual. The manual shows a remote without a joystick.

I;ve had it for a month I clocked 250 hours so far on this DLP.

As for my settings, I used cinema mode with contrast and sharpness in the high 80's, and brightness in the high 50's and colour I think at 50.
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ATOMSMASHER, put your TV on a light picture perferably all white and look for anything like little gray clouds or smudges or dirts. Do you see anything like that? Look for them striaght at the TV not from an angle.
Ok, ill do this test when I get a chance and let you know. So far I havent noticed any discrepencies, but maybe I wasnt looking careful enough.

If you have Pearl Harbour 2 disc DVD, it come with a THX Audio and Video optimizer, there was a white screen test in there.

csheyang said:
ATOMSMASHER, put your TV on a light picture perferably all white and look for anything like little gray clouds or smudges or dirts. Do you see anything like that? Look for them striaght at the TV not from an angle.
I bought the HL-R5064 last week and have used it for 4 days now. I'm pretty happy with the quality. I have a Rogers HD box and am watching from 11' distance. HD channels are excellent. Using Rogers component cables that were provided and it seems fine. SD quality is ok, some better than others. Tried watching Harry Potter DVD (using Toshiba progressive DVD player using Monster components and Monster Opitcals for sound on my Polk Audio speakers ) and quality wasn't great. Put in Lord of the Rings DVD and it was better. Rented Madagascar last night on --> WOW! PQ was superb as was sound. Overall, TV is great. Though I can't seem to get regular cable and PIP working while Rogers HD box is off w/o seperate splitter. Not sure if I want to "take away" from the HD source by adding the splitter. Also, xbox (not 360) looks pretty good too!

Has anyone else got PIP working without adding a splitter (that also has a Rogers box)?


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