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I second the opinion on the quality of Seagate drives. They have been garbage for a couple of years now and Seagate knows it.

I highly recommend the WD Green drives for a home server. If an XP based OS is being used, WD has a utility that can be run to fix the speed issues. This might also apply to WHS. Newer OS systems, such as recent Linux distros or Win7, are being used, there should be no issue. The WD drives are also quite a bit cheaper than the Hitachi models from some retailers. It might be worth checking to see if the 4 drive NAS works well with large sector drives.

The Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000 drive draws more power than the WD drives and has more platters. This means that it will run hot unless it has good ventilation. The heat issue is especially important with some NAS enclosures.
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