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Hi eveybody, sorry if this post not belong to this area, I hope some one can help me.

I have Hitachi 55HDS69 but I have a problem using the optical output attached to my Rotel. I get only 2 channel stereo but when I try dolby digital 5.1 or DTS I can't hear a thing (nothing).

I have attached in the back of the Hitachi (HDMI 1/2) using HDMI v1.3 and v1.4 two devices:
1. A multimedia Box ''TViX 6500'' and
2. Video card inside my PC (a fresh install Win7 64) an ''ATI HD5770'', and I am unable with the 2 devices to get digital output 5.1 or DTS audio when playing my movies...

Example 1: if I play a movie from my TViX 6500 in dolby digital I get no sound but if I play a movie or a music video in PCM I have a great sound, but this sound is 2 channel stereo.

Example 2: if I play a movie in XBMC (Xbox media center) in analoge mode I get 2 channel stareo with out any problem but if I change to 5.1 again no sound.

The optical output from the Hitachi is connected to a Rotel Pre 1066 and Amp 1075, I use to have connected an old DLP Mitsubishi the same way without a problem but now with a Hitachi 55HDS69 I can't hear 5.1 or DTS.

Hitachi Configuration:
In MENU I have configured AUDIO: optical output = dolby digital and DRC = ON, but this 2 options are not available for me to acces, they are like greyed out.
In OUTPUT CONFIGURATION I have audio fixed

I can't find any other configuration related to dolby digital or optical output in the menu

Some one in another forum tolde me:
''Your get 2 channels in your audio setup because your TV isn't capable of outputting (or pass through) more than 2 channels.''

But this is not logical, if this TV have an Optical Output this mean it can deliver digital sound!

I will apriciate any help, thanks in advance

Please take a look at this owner's manual screenshot:

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