If you need a heads-up before Alberta's provincial election on April 23rd, well, there's an app for that.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies' (H+K) interactive election predictor is back and available online. Political strategists and enthusiasts alike can forecast (or wager) on how the upcoming provincial election will unfold right down to the individual riding.

With a downloadable iPhone or BlackBerry app available at predictor.hkstrategies.ca , the online tool should provide a good indication on how the election and votes will stack up. But it's not full-proof.

"Our predictor uses interactive technology to engage people and educate them about what’s happening in the election. Since launching the predictor franchise in 2004, it has predicted elections in Ontario, Quebec and many federal elections, with a strong record of accurate results. At the same time, no seat calculator will ever give a 100 percent accurate prediction. Ours is first and foremost intended to be fun and engaging,” said Cassandra Richards of Hill+Knowlton Strategies' digital communications practice.

Hill+Knowlton said the predictor uses a mathematical formula, based on the proportional shift concept, to arrive at the seat predictions. Each party’s percentage of the 2008 popular vote is 'shifted' with current polling data, then compared to the 2008 election results and differences are allocated proportionally on a riding by riding basis.

Of course, voters and interested observers may share their predictions with friends via Twitter and Facebook. The predictor will be available until Alberta Election Day, April 23, 2012. Follow @hk_canada on Twitter or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HKCanada for real-time results and updates.

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