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My parents currently don't even own a computer, but they just recently started to catch up to the rest of technogoly world, My sis and I bought then new Sony 32 HD tv..
A Blue ray player that supports Netflix..

They are always asking me or my sister to look something up for them. There Lan line phone line out there is so bad, You'll lucky even get a 14.4 bps connection.. Sometime the phone line is dead, no dial tone, usually after bad storms, That's why the bought the cell.

Anywho. I would really love to get them some kinda high speed internet out to my parents farm. Some kinda
of bundle High speed net and phone Voip or something. Since there cell phone is more reliable then home phone.
I also know they have long distance plan for we have family still in Ontario.

I would love to able to show my dad Netflix at the farm.
5-7 Mbps or so would probable be more then enough for them and should be enough for netflix?

I'm kinda new to what is all available for rural/farm areas. My parents are about 17km from Crossfield,Ab and prob about same distance to Acme Ab,Canada.

I'm know Sat type internet would most likely be or cost way too much for them.. So am I assume they need
some kinda dish/hardware that would have line of sight to Cell tower to get internet?.

I see Telus has some kinda mobility service.. Aprox how much that run? I'm hoping they perhaps could get maybe some kinda deal.. Something cheep enough that would
replace there lanline too, Maybe they could get Telus Sat too. As My dad has been starting to get annoyed with Starchoice, They do not have HD box yet..

Aprox what be bill for say internet/Voip phone? Would they need get there own router? or use there own router?

Yes I'll be either giving them rebuilt computer or get them Laptop. heh

Thanks for any info :)

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Yeah I myself and just looking for mobile net options for the few times I go to my parents farm. Usaily im there for 3-10 days.. Everybody else I have looked at wants me shell out 150+ or more just for the usb stick.. then exrta 50+ a month.

I can understand buying the USb.. I can understand it being bit more for wireless net in rural areas of Canada for my laptop. but this is not 1990. My laptop does not have modem on it, not do i wish tie up my parents phoneline and not even get 14.4 connection..

I can't seem talk my parents into getting net, so I'm looking for some way to connect to net with my laptop
from there farm. but it be only active when I am there..
like Occasional connection.
So Id active the account before I head to there farm for say 10 days. then stop/disable it once im home. (Back in city as I currently have Telus DSL )Don't they have something you could buy 30 cards or something.
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