In July, shomi congratulated 19 series streaming exclusively on their service that have earned a combined 49 nominations for the 2016 Emmy Award.

Nominated shows include The Americans and Mr. Robot, and previously-crowned comedies Modern Family and Transparent.

Looking forward to August, the Canadian subscription video on demand service owned jointly by Rogers
Communications and Shaw Communications has a list of new shows and episodes coming to Canadians.

Here is a comprehensive list of coming listings:


August 2
  • Odd Mom Out, S2E7 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 3
  • Difficult People, S2E5 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 5
  • You’re the Worst ***EXCLUSIVE
  • Sex, Drugs, & Rock & Roll, S1 ***EXCLUSIVE
August 9
  • Odd Mom Out, S2E8 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 10
  • Difficult People, S2E6 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 12
  • Between, S2
  • Tyrant, S2 ***EXCLUSIVE
August 16
  • Odd Mom Out, S2E9 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 17
  • Difficult People, S2E7 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 19
  • Modern Family, S7 ***EXCLUSIVE
  • Survivor, S16/S24/S29
August 21
  • New Girl, S5 ***EXCLUSIVE
August 23
  • Odd Mom Out, S2E10 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 24
  • Difficult People, S2E8 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 26
  • The Last Man on Earth, S2 ***EXCLUSIVE
  • Bob’s Burgers, S6 ***EXCLUSIVE
August 30
  • Odd Mom Out, S2E11 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE
August 31
  • Difficult People, S2E9 ***NEXT DAY PREMIERE

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