Keyboards: gaming keyboards, portable, foldable and backlit keyboards: they all abound. Bluetooth keyboards specifically though, cover some of these bases and can be particularly useful.

Why? Because, maybe your workspace changes from location to location, or you simply like the ease of being able to connect your phone or tablet to a larger keyboard whenever and wherever you want.

Whether you’re typing for work, conducting online searches, shopping, chatting, you name it: having a decent, reliable keyboard at your fingertips is a boon.

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What to buy? Many online sites have keyboard reviews, and what follows is a compilation of the best-reviewed keyboards in the eyes of Digital Trends, PC Mag CNET, Zdnet and others.

Research was done to discover which keyboards showed up consistently with positive reviews on multiple popular sites. The entries below have been grouped according to their compatibility, and listed in no particular order.

So, here it goes. Here are some of the best bluetooth keyboards of 2016:

Best Bluetooth Keyboards With Universal Compatibility:

Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard

As states, “The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is going to create some divided opinions. There will be split decisions. There might even be a gulf between people who like it and people who don't. And that gulf runs right down the middle of this handsome portable keyboard.”

Which is true. Microsoft’s folding keyboard is split in two, as you can see, in order to allow for easy folding. It’s compatible with Android devices, Windows tablets, Windows-based phones, iPads and iPhones, and uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

This keyboard has a full-sized keyset, which allows for easier typing, and is spill-resistant, complete with a water repellent keyset and protective fabric. Get up to three months of usage with one single charge of the built-in rechargeable battery.

Buy it now, here.

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Logitech K380 Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard

Logitech’s keyboard gets an 8.0 from CNET and is rated as a top keyboard of 2016 on the site . It can pair with up to three devices, while you toggle between your multi-tasking activities. Amazingly, it’s compatible with almost every smartphone, tablet and computer and boasts a battery life of up to two years. Available in gray or blue.

Buy it now, here.

Anker Ultra Compact Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard from Anker takes up about two thirds of the space a traditional keyboard holds, and so if mini-but-useable is what you’re seeking, this could be a good choice.

It comes with a lithium rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 6 months, and is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows devices. A matte finish and low-profile keys allows for quieter typing, and pros include the fact that after just 30 seconds of inactivity, it goes into power-saving mode.

Cons include the fact that it’s not compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan.

Buy it now, here.

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Best Bluetooth Keyboards Compatible with Android Devices Only:

Lenovo ThinkPad compact Bluetooth keyboard

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard gets high reviews from critics and the general public, alike. Cons include the fact that the battery is non-removable and irreplaceable and that it can only be paired with one device at a time, unlike others.

It’s chargeable through micro USB and it does have feet though, like a “regular keyboard” and a full keyboard with F-keys, something many portable keyboards don’t.

Buy it now, here .

Best Bluetooth Keyboards Compatible with Mac Only:

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, and Logitech Create Keyboard both make use of Apple’s own Smart connector with automatic charging, and so technically their not Bluetooth based. For this reason, they’re not on the list, but they are great keyboards for the iPad.

Here are some keyboards from the Bluetooth group:

Ottertooth iPad Pro 9.7 Ultrathin Aluminum Portfolio Keyboard Case

This keyboard/carrying case is designed to be used with the iPad Pro 9.7-inch tablet. It can lie flat, or snap magnetically for an upright angle. A 150-hour battery lasts for a long time, and is recharged over a 2 to 3 hour period.

Pros include the stylish gold matte finish, full-sized keys, and the fact that it’s so thin. Cons: some users note that the power button is in the same location as the delete button, making for inconvenient typing and use, depending on the typist.

Buy it now, here.

Belkin Qode Ultimate Wireless Keyboard

Out of allegedly hundreds of tablet keyboards, finds this Belkin keyboard si the best for consumers. It’s made for the iPad Air and is pricey compared to some other keyboards, but the pros might fight that off.

Reliable, sturdy keys that are backlit allow users to type easily in all locales, the Belkin Qode keyboard case for iPad Air gets an impressive 9.0 for its features from CNET.

Buy it now, here.