Do you have all the best on your phone? Now you'll know, without a doubt.

So, you love apps. They light up your life, keeping going in the right direction on the road, help you find the best deals, hook you up with movies when you need them and more. But are really you using what everybody else is using?

If you like to keep life eccentric, likely not. It doesn't matter. For many though, keeping up with the Joneses is a never-ending pursuit of happiness and if that’s where you fall, we’re here to make the task that much easier. Fret no more.

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Earlier this month, Apple published multiple lists of its top-billing, most downloaded games, music, apps, movies, TV shows, podcasts and more on its website. If you didn’t catch the post, here are some highlights.

You’re probably already using many of these apps, that’s true. You may not be clicking away on all of them, though, and you may find something that really does the trick.

Curious to know how your interests rank? Here is Apple’s list of 20 most-downloaded apps from iTunes, in 2017:

1) Instagram

2) Bitmoji

3) YouTube

4) Spotify Music

5) WhatsApp Messenger

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6) Gmail

7) Wish

8) Amazon

9) The Weather Network

10) Microsoft Outlook

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11) Messenger

12) Snapchat

13) Facebook

14) Google Maps

15) Netflix

16) Uber

17) Kijiji Ads

18) Google Chrome

19) Twitter

20) letgo: Buy and Sell Secondhand