British Columbia: the land of mountains, world-class skiing, exotic seaside adventures, jaw dropping real estate and a lot of people who need cell phone plans.


Since searching site-to-site can take time, let us help you out. Here is a list of 9 of the best cell phone plans in terms of data, airtime, international calling and extra perks in B.C:


1) Rogers Share Everything + with Premium Tab + 60 GB $385/month

This plan from Rogers is pretty flexible. It allows you to use all the data yourself, or you can share it with your family and friends by adding up to 9 devices. It comes with unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, and as a bonus, you can also subscribe to Spotify or texture for free for 6 months. 2-year term or month-to-month.

2) Bell Mobility Share Plans –variable pricing

With Bell, users can get a shareable plan like Rogers. You choose what kind of calling you need-international, local, unlimited or minutes, and the amount of monthly data you want. It all adds up to a certain monthly fee, depending on what you choose.

Data is being offered in 1, 2, 5, 7, 10 and 15 GB chunks of your choice.

3) Telus Shareable Plans

Telus has also broken their cell plans down into cryptic minutes/air time prices and data prices, and is letting the consumer choose what they need in both categories.

This could be handy, as it could give the buyer more flexibility and choice, but as an aside, I’m pretty sure this adds up to a larger bill than it used to.

That being said, users can add up to 9 family members on their Your Choice plan with Telus, and share data.

4) Wind Smartphone Everywhere Plan $55/month

Wind is offering users this plan that will get you unlimited Canada/U.S calling, unlimited global texting, and 10 GB of data in your home network. Available in-store only.

5) Virgin Mobile Platinum Plan

Users get unlimited Canada-wide minutes and 10 GB of data for $150/month with Virgin’s Premium plan. As a bonus you get 1000 international long distance minutes.

International Calling

 1) Virgin Mobile

With Virgin, users currently get a bonus of 1000 international minutes with silver, gold and premium plans, for a limited time.

2) Bell Mobility

Bell has various ways for callers to save on international airtime. Users can take advantage of offers that include waived fees or discounts when calling the U.S, China, Hong Kong, India and 200 other countries, worldwide. Pricing varies from $5-$20/month for savings.

3) Fido

Users can get 1000 international minutes with Fido’s 3 GB voice and data cell plan. Unlimited international messaging is included with text, picture and video messaging among other features.

Extra Perks

1) Rogers Share Everything Plans

With many of Rogers Share Everything Plans, users also get Roam On, Rogers Game Center Live , and 6 months free use of Spotify and texture .

2) Bell Mobility Playstation and Mobile TV Offers

For a limited time, Bell has some promotions on that add in some great extras. When you purchase a Sony Xperia X Performance smartphone, get a 500 GB PS4™ console, a DualShock 4 wireless controller and “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” for only $200 (normally it’s about $379.99, according to Bell).

Also, if you sign up for a share plan with a 2-year term you can get access to Mobile TV for three months.

Happy hunting.