Hate 'em or love 'em, if you want a cell phone but need to cut costs, comparing plans is a must. All the major wireless service providers have lower-cost options, but who has the cheapest cell phone plans?

Check this list of 7 of the cheapest cell phone plans now available in Canada.

1) Telus

Telus has an extremely low-cost option when it comes to the cheapest cell phone plans. There isn't even an hour of minutes available on this plan, so it's for those who like to have a cell phone simply for emergencies and safety, or who are very, well, "to the point" in conversations. The plan costs $10 for 30 days and includes:
  • Voicemail 3, call display, call waiting and conference calling
  • Canadian and international messaging
  • The ability to auto-renew every 30 days
  • 50 anytime local minutes
  • 50 incoming/outgoing SMS and MMS

Additional usage is $2 per MB for any data usage, $0.15 per minute on local calls and $0.30 per message.

2) Sugar Mobile

Sugar Mobile is a mobile network operator and telecommunications company that provides service primarily in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Markham, Ontario but Sugar Mobile is owned by Ice Wireless, a roaming partner for Rogers Wireless, Fido and Vidéotron Mobile in Northern Canada.

What it offers is based on WiFi. To get started with Sugar Mobile, users purchase a 30-day plan for cell phone use that includes a 3-in-1 standard, micro & nano SIM. The plan includes these features:
  • A new phone # or transfer your current # for free
  • Unlimited Canada and US Talk & Text (WIFI)
  • 200 MB of non-WIFI data
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting incl.
  • Carry over unused non-WIFI Data to the next month
  • No contracts! (Pay in advance)
  • Canada & US nationwide coverage

When you are in a WiFi zone, you can use your Sugar Mobile services by connecting with WiFi.

Outside of one, the company says that you can still “talk for hours, send thousands of texts, and surf, with nationwide coverage in Canada and the US.”

After paying to set things up, from then forward you can buy 30-day top up plans for $19 each, which include the 200MB of non-WIFI data.

With this 200 MB, Sugar Mobile says you can:
  • Talk for up to 600 minutes; or
  • send up to 20,000 text messages; or
  • send or receive up to 4,000 Snap Chats; or
  • talk for up to 80 minutes on Facetime; or
  • send or receive up to 2,000 emails without attachments; or
  • send or receive up to 400 emails with attachments; or
  • make up to 800 posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; or
  • view up to 1,000 webpages

The key here is, “or”.

What about the fact that you could be increasing your internet bill at home, due to using the WIFI signal to talk on your phone?

Sugar Mobile has this to say:

“If you talk on Sugar Mobile for 24 hours straight, you'll use less data than you would to stream a single movie on Netflix. Since the average person talks for about 8 hours per month, it's unlikely that Sugar Mobile will increase your home internet bill.”

Curious? Try it for free .

3) Bell

Bell actually has a plan at $15/month but there are no minutes included, so chances are that it’s not going to end up saving you money. But you can text all you want with it.

It also has a plan for $20.75/month. This includes:
  • 50 anytime local minutes
  • Unlimited text messages in Canada and Canada to U.S.
  • Unlimited picture and video messages in Canada and Canada to U.S.
  • Unlimited international text messages
  • Unlimited international picture and video messages

4) Fido

If you don’t need or want data, Fido seems like a good way to go. Its cheapest cell phone plan comes with 100 local minutes and unlimited messaging for $25/month, with a no-term plan. Bring your own phone.

The deal includes:
  • Unlimited evenings & weekends from 5 pm
  • Unlimited international text, picture and video messaging
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail
  • Circle Calling , which is unlimited calls between subscribers on the same account.

Those who purchase their Fido minutes online save the $15 transaction fee, and, as a note, for just $15 more per month, you can get unlimited minutes and messaging.

5) Wind


While it is expanding its network, it is true that it's still sometimes hard to get good service with Wind in terms of reception, depending on your locale. If having service most of the time is OK for your needs, here are the details:

Wind offers a plan for $25 a month, which includes:
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited Canada/U.S. texting
  • Unlimited Canada/U.S. picture/video texting
  • Voicemail
  • Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)

As a bonus, Wind claims there are no hidden access fees, system access fees, and in addition, no activation fees, unlike some other companies listed.

6) Koodo

Koodo's cheapest cell phone plan is just $25 per month. It includes Call Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Conference Calling and Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling, 100 local minutes and furthermore, unlimited messaging with text and pictures. Pay-per-use data is $5/100 Mb, and users receive unlimited calling during evenings after 5 pm and on weekends.

7) Rogers

Rogers has a more-expensive lower cost plan, running at $35/month. There is a connection fee of $20 per line to activate your service on their network, but this isn't a worry because you can save paying it by signing up online.

The service includes:
  • call waiting & group calling
  • 2500 call forwarding minutes
  • unlimited local calling after 6pm, (calls initiated outside these times are chargeable at standard rates or deplete from minutes allotted in your plan)
  • 200 local minutes
  • unlimited messaging
  • call display
  • voicemail

Happy chatting.