Alberta is home to the natural magic of Jasper and Banff, two of the world’s oldest national parks. It houses the wonders of the Columbia Icefield and Lake Louise, fantastic new downtown living in Calgary and Edmonton, and a large crowd of people looking for the best cell phone plans around.


Love the location but unsure what to get? We’ve compiled a list of cell phone plans that offer users unlimited nationwide calling, and at least 10 GB or more of data per month.

Keeping these criteria in mind, here are 5 of the best cell phone plans in Alberta:

1) Rogers Share Everything + with Premium + Tab + 60 GB $385/month ($20 activation fee)

Rogers’ high-end Share Everything plan gives users what they need. Although, with such a high per-month fee, it seems like the activation fee should be waived, but then again, if you’re up for paying close to $400 a month for a wireless plan, searching to save an extra $20 is likely not top on your agenda.

Anyways, with this plan you get 60 GB of data per month, which you can use for yourself or share with others by adding other devices onto the plan, for a set monthly fee .

You’ll also get access to Roam Like Home , which amazingly let’s you use your phone like you normally would at home, when you travel to over 100 destinations worldwide, and you'll also get Rogers NHL GameCenter Live , unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited messaging with texting, picture and video, call display, name display, voicemail, call waiting, group calling, 2500 call forwarding minutes, data management, and overage rates of $5/100MB.

As a bonus user can also get access to their choice of Spotify or texture free for 6 months. The only drawback around- when is Canada going to have access to unlimiteddata?

2) Telus Your Choice Nationwide for Premium + Smartphones + 40 GB $325/month

Telus is offering unlimited nation-wide calling and 40GB of data for $325 per month. For those looking to stay local and also for those connected abroad, similar plans are offered at the international and local levels.

How can you get this nation-wide plan? Search for Choice Plans on Telus’ website, choose Premium Plus, select unlimited nationwide calling, and then 40 GB of data. Add up to 9 family members to the plan for an extra $75/month.

Drawbacks? Telus shouldn’t make it so difficult for users to set themselves up with these choices online.

A word of warning- the site can be a bit cryptic, and it’s hard to compare different plans at once.

3) Telus Your Choice Nationwide for Premium Smartphones + 40 GB $315/month

This plan from Telus is virtually the same as the one above, but you get to pay less monthly and more upfront for the phone, when you sign up.

Alternately, with Premium Plus you pay more per month, and less up front. So, if you want to spread your costs out over the long term, go with the Premium Plus plan. If diving in with a heavier cost first thing is for you, go with the Premium Smartphone plan.

4) Bell- Share Premium + Smartphone + 15 GB $195/month ($15 activation fee)

If you choose a Pixel XL phone by Google with a contract of 2 years to pay it off, 15GB of shareable data/month, and unlimited nationwide calling you’ll pay $195 per month with Bell.

Pay more and you can add on extras like Mobile TV, protection against water damage, loss and theft, anti-spam features, message center, voicemail to text, unlimited texting from Canada to the U.S and internationally, visual voicemail, an OtterBox case or a customized case for your phone.

5) Rogers Share Everything + with Premium + Tab + 30 GB $245/month ($20 activation fee)

This plan from Rogers is essentially the same as the first plan on this list, but it come with half the monthly GB of data. For $60 less per month, if you find you’re not using 60 GB, it could be a good way to go.

On the whole, apart from these three major brands-Rogers, Bell and Telus- other cell phone service providers in Alberta, (and most of Canada), do not presently offer over 10 GB of data in monthly plans, nor the special perks like access to Rogers Game Center Live, or Spotify.

Good luck with your decision.