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Not sure if this belongs in this forum but I was unsure as to where to post it.

I recently moved in to a condo where the living room is nice and overlooks the water. I also purchased a 55" LED TV that sits against the wall currently since I couldn't figure out where to put it exactly and I have my two sofa chairs and sofa in the other corner.

I've put together a sketch of the living room and the current setup hoping I can get some help and suggestions as to what I should do. The opposing wall I see when walking in to the apartment is all windows overlooking the water and I am trying not to ruin that view. Also, I wondering if I should get a TV stand with a arm that swivels or if should mount the TV (in the place it's in now) or change the layout so that the TV is in the corner where the patio door and window wall meet up.

The height of the walls is 94 Inches.

Any and all suggestions would be great!!! Thank you so much!!

Living Room Sketch -

I am going to try and upload the actual pictures of the living room as soon as I can.
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