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Hi all,

Do you absolutely need a service call to move an STB from one room to another?

We got Optik hooked up about 3 months ago, and when the tech was here, I got him to wire the TV on the main floor and the one in the basement. But now, I don’t want to use the one in the basement, preferring to use the one in the bedroom. I don’t want to add another STB…I just want to move the ones I currently have to another room in the house.

I use the Telus HD-PVR on the main floor and the Xbox for the other STB. My home is pre-wired in all rooms of the house with coax and Cat5 (all terminating on a panel in the basement), and Optik is running only on Cat5.

Any help is appreciated.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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