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I have been looking at my phone/Internet plan and thinking there has to be a lower cost way to do this.

My wife and I both run businesses from home and I have Internet, 2 business phone lines and a distinctive ring (used for home phone) with them.

The cost is:
  • Internet (25) $84.95
  • Business Phone 1 - $36.95
  • Business Phone 2 - $36.95
  • Distinctive Ring - $4
No cable with Shaw, just Internet. Total comes to $162.85 before tax. I also have a cell phone at Speakout that costs me $35 per month for 100 minutes and 500 MB data.

I am a time management coach, so my phone HAS to work without dropped calls, etc. because I make my living talking to people. Sound quality and service have both been excellent at Shaw and I like that I can call anywhere in North America for free.

Looked at Telus Optik but they look to be similar pricing and I had horrible service from Telus for years so I would be hesitant to go back unless the savings were huge.

A few years ago, I had used for my business phone. Loved the pricing but the call quality was so bad it was affecting my business so I went with Shaw.

Looked at Vmedia. Pricing looked great - I could probably save $75 per month. But reviews online have been poor so I would be concerned about moving to them.

I am in Nanaimo, so I don't have many of the options some of you have in the East.

Thought of just using Skype, but that would only work for outgoing calls, not incoming as you can't port your phone number to them.

Any other ideas?


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My first thought is try again.. I lived in Nanaimo for a number of years, was my primary phone provider. Their Vancouver2 location has been very good to me. Especially from Nanaimo.

VoIP service quality has a lot to with your local internet connection, if it is solid, your phone should be too.

Teksavvy is a good choice for internet too.

Check out Teksavvy and and you should be able to save an easy $70/month.
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