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Help installing a second receiver

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We currently have one HD pvr receiver hooked up to our bell dish on 91, we want to install the second SD receiver for our bedroom. We ran the RG6 cable from the receiver to the dish and connected it to the 82 connector, but get no signal strength. they want to send a technician out to fix but to avoid the 75$ + fee we'd like to connect ourselves. the reciever and sim car are activated with Bell but we must be doing something wrong.

Is it the type of wire we used or do we need to use a switch from 91 instead or using the second eye? if so what switch do i need to be able to connect both an HD and SD receiver.

any help would be great!

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You need to have another look at the setup you have and report back.

If you can check for a switch at the dish that would help too.

91 only has SD programming, are you saying you do NOT get HD channels.? If you do, you have either a switch(s) or a DPP Twin LNBF, please try to tell us which.

Running a "Check Switch" should give you an idea. MENU, 6, 1, 1.
I haave HD channels, and my HD PVR is connected by one line to 91. Apparently the guy who installed said it's a new type of cable and it splite into two lines in the house but is only one running to dish. I see no switch installed anywhere.

and when I run a check switch it says no switch installed.

I took back my walmart RG6 wire and noticed there were differnt types and i had bought the lighter type.

So i went to a bell store and bought the proper cable and proper ends and they told me i'm doing everything right, so I hope it's just the wire.

Going to change out the wires tonight and see what happens.
Thank you for more info.

From what you are now saying it appears that you have a DPP twin LNBF, it is a large LNBF that uses both openings on the "Y" yolk and is secured by 2 screws.

When you remove the LNBF you will see 3 connectors, you need to ensure that you do NOT use the one on its' own, which should be marked as an Input.

After that, you just need to connect the other end to the new receiver, run a check switch and away you go.

When you ran a Check Switch on the HD PVR, it would have said, DPP Twin LNBF Installed, or some such thing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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