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for sure there are very good deals on used equipment ...yes in montreal (and area)

you may have heard of canuck audio mart. and there's a very good classified in montreal area

for the most part, i find HT-Stereo enthusiasts take good care of their equipment. there will be opportunity to visit sellers location(s) to audition ..etc. just have to keep an eye on the situation .. make contact when something of interest surfaces.

for example .. there was (sold now) a yamaha HTR-6190 for sale for $ 500 (or less) .. this is an excellant AVR. A current listing shows a Denon AVR-889 less than $ 500. again .. very good.

additional examples for your market .. there were a pair of focal - JM Lab 706 V speakers for sale in your market .. $ 250. they were snapped up. i demo'ed these in my setup, very good.

you will get a sense of the person your dealing with (if you go private) .. the condition of the equipment, in home demo's ..if the person is honorable .. etc..etc..

i am speaking primarily for a 2 channel setup to begin. for your room size .. this a ample. add more as budget allows. it can get **complicated. but you will be in a good position, with a very good start. excellant sound .. etc.

** for example .. i allow my BR player to process the hi def audio .. and run it through the AVR in pure direct mode, reducing processing. video run directly to the the LCD. depending on the BR, you will have options for PCM'ing the audio in 2 channel or multi-channel. careful when choosing BR player if one decides allowing player to send out hi def audio .. some don't offer DTS-MA audio and Dolby HD (you would want a player that does both) ..

if you must have a 5.1 at stated budget .. than you will be channeled into speakers packages in a box as you are now ... decent, but .. mehhh..

here's a checklist for your interest re: choosing an AVR
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