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Now, when it comes to audio your hears are your best ally and you should NOT rely on a forum to guide you into what speakers to buy but should get out there and demo some
Absolutely. You need to listen to some speaker setups and find the ones that sound good to you because it comes down to personal taste. I would drop in to a few stores to listen to the same speakers if possible, as some will have better listening environments than others. Check the setting before listening, as stores may have the treble and base turned way up. I like to set everything to neutral as possible when demoing - that was easier 20 years ago when there were only knobs and buttons instead of menus!

The receivers you are looking at are solid for the speakers, and the sound differences between them will be minimal compared to the variations in the speakers. I would look for the feature set you want in a good unit, and put the time in to listening to the speakers.

As mentioned, used speakers can be a great option. There are some superb deals for used speakers, and even new in box ones that people got as part of a package deal. eg. I've seen Klipsch, Kef and Harmon Kardon sets on for half to 60% of the cost of buying new. These were also current models that you can listen to.

If you aren't constrained to needing micro fronts, speakers like the Paradigm Titans are around for really good prices. eg. Paradigm Titans v.3 with stands and the CC-170 Centre for $250 total.

Watch for recievers to, I got the Denon 591 for $300 new in the box from someone who got it as part of a package deal with his TV.

One advantage of buying new is that if you get them home and the sound is not what you expected compared to the store demo, you can return them.
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