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I have been using a wired Sennheiser TV headphone that I purchased about 20 years ago and the model number has worn off. They have been sat on, dropped and the wires pulled requiring soldering numerous times. Would have replaced them but never managed to come across a Sennheiser dealer that had theser small, great-sounding headphones.

Recently, I pulled the wire again when it got tangled on me somehow and one wire broke off, so I made a concerted effort to find a replacement set with Sennheiser being the top choice since others I have had did not come close.

I found this set and ordered it from the UK because they don't seem to be available in North America. They have a volume control which hopefully will amp-up the volume from the Y-connection which I find insufficient. I haven't received them yet so can't give my opinion on how they perform.

My other headphone set is a Sennheiser Pro model and these provide more and sufficient volume but are very uncomfortable for watching TV and especially when falling asleep on the couch watching a Leafs game.

I have tried a very inexpensive wireless headphone from XScargo and found the hiss and drop outs when turning your head to be beyond acceptable so throwing them out was not painful. It seems that even expensive optical wireless headphones have this issue so I had no interest in buying such a wireless set.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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