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Updated 2013.01.13

Welcome to the HDTV Forum. There are many questions that are asked by newbies and we try to answer them the best we can.

There are also many questions that are asked over and over again. For these, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These are available in the following section of the forum.

FAQs Section (There are 2 pages)

Search tips are also outlined below since many topics have been discussed previously - try a search before asking a question:

Here are some direct links to the really frequently asked questions. Please read these before asking a question regarding that subject. If you have further questions, or would like further clarification on an FAQ, perhaps you can preface your question in this forum by saying "I looked at the FAQ, but I still have the following question..." That way we won't point you right back to the FAQ.

Top Questions:

Optimizing your HDTV/Equipment

Why do I still see Black Bars on my HDTV?

What are the possible ways to Record HD?

What is Burn In, how can I prevent it, which TVs are susceptible?

Why is the Picture Quality on my HDTV not what I expected, especially for SD signals?

How large an HDTV should I buy?

How do I set up my SA Cisco or Pace STB, check my signal strength, or reboot it, etc? (Rogers Ontario, Videotron)

How do I set up my Motorola (cable) STB, check my signal strength (S/N Ratio), or reboot it, etc? (Shaw Cable, Cogeco, Rogers Atlantic, Eastlink, etc)

I've got a problem. What could be wrong?

What is the difference between native resolution and the various input formats?

How do I get DD5.1 audio? (Often, you can't by going "through" a TV)

HDMI Comments/Issues.

If you haven't already, please put your location and service provider into your UserCP Profile (location). It often helps us help you since many answers are specific to location and provider.

Search Tips:

Here are some search tips which may help people find topics previously discussed on the forum.

- Use the simple search for items that have not been discussed often, or where you can search for a lot of words, this helps narrow the the search down to only a few threads. For example, a search for "Ottawa Calibration" is likely to only return a few threads, while "DVD Recorder" will give you hundreds (max 240)

- Use the advanced search - this allows you to search for words used only in the thread title, or by a specific user, or by a specific date.

- Use the "search this forum" or "search this thread" restriction when you have a topic that's limited to a particular forum or thread.

- Use the wild card character (*) to help with your search. For example, using "calibrat*" will return results for calibration, calibrate, calibrating, calibrator. (this may no longer be necessary as the forum search software has been updated to allow a different search algorithm)

- The more words you use, the better your search results. For example, "QAM tuner Rogers" gives you 1/3 of the results of simply "QAM tuner".

- You can also do the search in Google, by restricting the search to this forum (Digital Home - Consumer electronics news, helpful information, and discussion : Digital Home). This can be great for exact phrases - now part of the search dropdown menu.

- There are often "stickies" at the tops of forums which discuss common items.

- The search is not infallible, so sometimes you can search and the appropriate thread will not be found.

If you have posts, you can quickly find them by going to the "quick links" near the top right of the page and scroll down to my posts.


If you have questions or comments regarding the operation of the forum, please see the Help Desk forum:

Digitalhome Help Desk - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Please be sure to read the rules of the forum:

Rules of the Forums - Updated 2014.11.03 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

As you learn from the forum we would also appreciate and encourage you helping others as time permits. This forum covers a broad spectrum of subjects, so I'm sure everyone can contribute in some way.

Suggestions are welcome below. These suggestions may be deleted periodically. Thanks.

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Thanks 57, this will be very helpful to all of our newcomers struggling with these questions.
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