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I'm getting some odd random issues with my almost 2 year old Pace 551HD box since upgrading to my new 42" Vizio 60 hz lcd unit from my 32" westinghouse one.

I've now tried 3 diffrent hdmi cables & on both the originaly shipped defective Vizio unit & on the new replacement one I am getting a rare audio drop out & random blue/red color haloing affect around some parts of the picture every up to 12+ hours. I also get the 1 pixel wide green line down the whole left side of the screen as I did on the old tv. A cycle thru the hdmi ports or a restart of the set fix's the video issue mainly thats going on. The set does not get this problem/issues when I run the output of my radeon 5850 to any of the hdmi ports on the set nor when I run my wii on the composite hdmi part of the set.

Would anyone else agree with my thinking that maybe the hdmi port on the Pace box is failing possibly ??

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