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I am trying to hook up to my AV receiver:

Satellite PVR - Component video, optical audio
Blueray player - HDMI
VCR - Composite
Wicast Wireless HDMI dongle (for laptop to tv viewing)
Samsung 5 series 55" LED (HDMI to reciever)

Receivers: Yamaha HTR-6230, Samsung HW C700 (on order)

I have tried to do it with the HTR-6230 but cannot get the none-HDMI video to display on the TV. I did some reading and people are saying that the 6230 does not upscale video. I'm not looking to upscale 480 to 720p etc., I just want to see the video on the TV. Is it not possible to do that? What on earth is the point of the HDMI out to the TV "to keep things simple" if I also have to run component video cable to the TV to get the analog video to display?

I have the Samsung HW C700 on order but now have no idea if it will do the trick or if I will end up in the same boat as the Yamaha 6230.

Can one of the experts please enlighten me? I'd really like to avoid paying double for something like the Denon 591 which I believe does video upscaling.


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The correct term is transcoding and is covered in the following FAQ. Some call it analogue video conversion or video upconversion.

The 6230 also doesn't handle HDMI audio - see the above FAQ.

Transcoding is not mentioned in the specs for the Samsung. It does handle HDMI/HD audio:

I downloaded the operating manual and it looks like you need the same connection out as in - no transcoding on this Samsung

Check out the following useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:

Always best to do research before purchase, but at least now you have some ammunition and a good resource.
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