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HDMI connectors

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Not sure if this is the right section to ask this but...
I am considering getting a Boxee. It seems that the output is only HDMI and my TV has only one HDMI connection which is being used by my satellite.
A search reveals a number of remote controlled HDMI (one out and several in) controllers are available but nothing automatic. :confused:

Is there nothing that would sense a active signal and change to that. It does not seem like an insurmountable challenge to have the last active input connect to the output. Even having all the inputs connect to the output should not create a problem other than having superimposing audio and picture.. at which point the operator could shut off the unwanted appliance.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what I should look for.

Thanks for your time :)
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Is there nothing that would sense a active signal and change to that.
Many active HDMI switches do that automatically. Mines refuses to switch to an inactive port and jumps to the next active port if the current one goes off. (That can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the situation.) The problem with satellite receivers is that many of them don't turn off the video, the simply put up a screen saver. For a good deal on HDMI switches, check Monoprice. I've seen a couple of reasonably priced switches from Canadian computer retailers as well.
There have been some problems reported with the Boxee Box and HDMI switches, so a good return policy might come in handy (just in case!).
Thanks all
There seems to be no way to get a price from the link but it seems this would be a pretty good choice to fill all my needs for some time
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