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I've done 3 installs using HDMI baluns and had nothing but issues, mine and two of my friends. Two of the installs where using a denon 3311ci and the other was a Pioneer Elite sc-25. The denon installs where using bluerays and cable boxes and the pioneer install is using a blueray, cable box and 2 plasma for display.

I first tried using Atlona passive baluns which if you are using a avr will not work as the passive baluns require more power than the avr's can deliver. These baluns are only designed to go from a blueray or cablebox etc....
After many hours of troubleshooting and techsupport with denon, pioneer and atlona the consensus was a powered balun was needed. Due to the price of Atlona powered baluns I decided to go with a Calrad powered balun which a friend of mine reps. When I installed the Calrad the video quality was better but the LIGHT/FAN switch issue was still present. Calrad tech support was no help as he said that I wasnt intented to use baluns that I should look for another solution.

Well i did look for another solution how about a better manufacturer what a goof!!!!

I found dual powered baluns from avlink which are working great in all 3 installs and are only $96 plus shipping compared to $500 plus per balun (is what denon was suggesting companies like Ethereal and wyrestorm). Hope my solution and countless hours help you.
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