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I plan on purchasing one. Is there a model I should go for / keep away from?
Centre HI-FI had a promotion a few weeks ago on a SD box. In fact, the reduction in price was entirely attributed to a rebate that Videotron, not the store, was going to give. Even the Videotron telephone rep had a problem coming to grips with the idea that it was Videotron, not the store, that delivered the price reduction in the end.

But the catch was that the Videotron credit was conditional on purchasing a package and that package was more pricey than the economic "A La Carte 20".

We went elsewhere and bought a $250 HD terminal on sale for $200 instead of the Centre HiFi SD box which was around $70 give or take.

And we also turned down the Pace HD box for a genuine SA Explorer 4350 series if I remember correctly. This HD box was then installed in SD mode in another residence from mine.

I have bought 2 Pace HD boxes for family members and there have been minor glitches at times. But SA also has glitches.

So if Centre-HiFi is offering a Pace HD model and you like the minimum package that Videotron requires in order to get the credits, then at $99, that's as low as you're going to get anywhere, anytime for an HD box.

Checkout the reports elsewhere in the forum on the Pace 551 box so you have a better idea. Do a search.
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