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HD quality

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Hey just wondering if anyone has herd something on if or when Fiber Op HD quality will be improved... i presently have both Aliant and rogers TV service but i have had to remove everything but basic service off Aliant and switch rogers to my main as compared to rogers HD especially on sports it is pretty bad... i mean i only have rogers for the few channels Aliant doesn't have plus you get Aliant TV dirt cheap in the bundle so i wanted to drop rogers and just get those shows off the net (Netflix ect.) but just can't justify it at the moment as on my 55" Phillips Aliant looks pretty bad... anyone got any info?
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I think it could also have something to do with the brand of tv's out there also!
Hey guys not sure what you talking about when it comes to bad HD I have seen alot of HD on the fibre Op and they all look great. Mabye play around with some settings on the tv possibly?Mabye list the tv that is having the issue see if the same tv comes up multiple times . anything is possible..Also a note that all the streams are Mpeg 4 so in therory the picture quality should be better.
I had FibreOp and Rogers on the same TV, with the same connections, watching the same show, at basically the same time. There was no comparison and Rogers easily won, the FibreOp was incredibly bad at pixelating during transitions and action.

Maybe they've improved it since I had it, but back then it was brutal and it wasn't a TV issue.
I have a 22 inch Asus monitor I'm using as a TV, a 40 inch Dynex and a Mitsubishi projector and it is quite noticeable on all of them. Some channels or movies are quite good, but overall it is noticeably worse then Bell or Rogers. The only thing I'm unsure of is if using a direct patch cable to the STBs improves quality versus using coax (which I'm using) but I highly doubt it. If it's a tv issue then I think it's the reverse, people who can't see a difference have a tv that scales horribly across the board. I will try and post some pics soon.
I'm using coax, and my HD is fine.
I'm using coax and my HD is just fine. Using a 4 year old Sharp Aquaos.

I'll try switching it over to Ethernet tonight and see if there's any difference.
well i am at my uncles rite now were they have fibreOP and basic rogers service. so i grabed my DCX3400 and brought it to play and there is absolutly no comparison rogers blows aliant rite out of the water all we are doing is going from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 on a Panasonic TC-P55VT30 and have tried coax to connect the box and CAT6 just to make sure the best cables were used to rule out any advantage. you can clearly tell the edges are softer and the colour just seems off on aliant ( this is watching TSN and Sportsnet which for me is one of the main reasons to have tv :p ), i donno but aliant really needs to do something... there is a reason for when you go into sounds fantastic all the equipment on the floor is hooked to Bev and not aliant. how ever there is usually one lowly aliant tv off in a corner some wheres lol
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thanks crazyhawk..there we have it then. It blows my mind that Aliant and other providers are stuffing as much into the these networks as possible..with a disregard for they not realize that TV picture technology is ever improving? shameful, esspecially with the newest technology to deliver this to the home (i.e. fiber).
Then why does mine look fine on fibre? I've seen starchoice and rogers on the same tv, and they all look good to me. Can't figure this one out.
Then why does mine look fine on fibre? I've seen starchoice and rogers on the same tv, and they all look good to me. Can't figure this one out.
Either you're watching shows where it's not as noticable, or you're just not noticing it. My in-laws had a hard time seeing the difference, but my wife and I were repulsed by it. We lasted two days before calling Rogers back.

The story I heard at the time is that the same encoders that serve FibreOp are also serving the few people who still have the older DSL TV and that it's bitrate constrained due to the DSL limitations. I don't know if that's true or not, but the pixelation problems are pretty consistent with insufficient bitrate.

The whole thing is immensely frustrating because Aliant has an infrastructure that should let them beat everybody on this and instead they're doing badly at it.
It would be a great day if Aliant prioritized us FibreOp folks, and upped the bitrate for our HD. Their tech is capable of great things in this area.

I'm wondering how much of their business comes from DSL TV compared to us.

The main problem is that people accept the situation.
For a few days I still had the feed from Bell Sat as the HD PVR is mine ( purchased ) so I was able to compare the two feeds. The Bell Sat HD was clearly the winner.

I am locked in for a year. If things have not improved in that time, and I don't find the additional Fibre Op features deal breaking, I can see myself going back to Bell Sat and just keeping the 30/30 internet ( which I love ).

Picture quality plus support for external hard drives could very well be the deal breakers for my return to Bell Sat.
I would like to see a reply if one of u guys sent them an email. If they say they know about this then there is hope...if they reply the usual canned response..then u know
I finally bit the bullet about a month ago and upgraded from the DSL TV to the Fiberop Package. (Promos were expiring, so I could now jump onto the Fiberop Promos and save more $$$)

The installer seemed suprised when i told him that people were not impressed with the HD quality when visiting my place, and the non Mediaroom set top box and it was holding them back from switching.

Now that Mediaroom has been launched that checks that off the list and will surely switch some over as a few people have told me that doing the whole home fiberop bundle is cheaper than keeping BEV and they can bite the bullet on the HD Quality.
Hi Phil

Can you share the pricing as based on a call I just made for bundle pricing here there's no real deal. the $99 is only for 3 months and does not include HD.
It would cost me alot more money to get anything close to what I currently have with Eastlink.
I have it on good authority Aliant has hired a research firm to do a study to get objective data on the FibreOP HD quality. They are planning on changing the compression rates on some of the HD signals. They are determined to provide the best tv product available so they are being proactive. Having said that I have 6 friends in HRM that have FibreOP now and I polled them and they all agree the quality is better than Eastlink. The one that used to have Bell TV said he finds it a coin flip. Makes me wonder if the quality issues are isolated to certain areas or maybe people are watching tv from 3 inches from the screen lol.
That's great news! I really hope they at least fix CBC for hockey, and TSN.

Here are some examples, and not from 3 inches fro m the TV: the snowy static screen on the HBO logo before shows gets all macro blocky on Aliant. It does not on Bell.

The opening animation on American Idol gets blocky on Aliant, and did not on Bell. The opening animation on So You Think You Can Dance is a complete mess on Aliant.

During camera pans in hockey games, the background is blocky on Aliant, it was not on Bell.

Bell HD was not perfect, but Aliant's is softer.

These are compression artifacts. They aren't really an issue if you're watching a drama, but sports programming suffers.
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These are compression artifacts. They aren't really an issue if you're watching a drama, but sports programming suffers.
I'm not a sports fan but I notice the same thing with HD movies during fast action scenes when the camera is doing a lot of panning.

You are also correct in that Bell's stuff is not perfect but all these guys (providers) must be playing games with bandwidth. Keep in mind, they probably have future things in mind that will require more bandwidth. I know the cable companies would love to see analog gone. Think what they could do with all that free space.
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