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HD quality

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Hey just wondering if anyone has herd something on if or when Fiber Op HD quality will be improved... i presently have both Aliant and rogers TV service but i have had to remove everything but basic service off Aliant and switch rogers to my main as compared to rogers HD especially on sports it is pretty bad... i mean i only have rogers for the few channels Aliant doesn't have plus you get Aliant TV dirt cheap in the bundle so i wanted to drop rogers and just get those shows off the net (Netflix ect.) but just can't justify it at the moment as on my 55" Phillips Aliant looks pretty bad... anyone got any info?
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i just got the fibeop installed a few days ago and after a day i do not know if this can be considered HD. i mean it looks like just a normal SD feed with the HD resolution. i found TSN last night during the hockey game horrible but some stations like golf HD seemed better. i also find the SD channels worse then bell tv sat. the text on CBC news network is barley legible. but i guess the fast Internet and price make up for it

edit: forgot to add i have one 37" TV connected to HDMI and a 50" plasma connected with component and they both have the same quality HD
is there a reason you don't have the HDMI hooked up to the larger TV? when you go over 46 inch you usually start to see a difference with HDMI the bigger you go (I have seen a major difference from Sharp, Panasonic & Samsung especially when using HDMI)
not really the tech setup that one. i setup the one with HDMI myself and never got around to switching it to HDMI.
the 1080P thing wouldn't be the case because all the HD is 720P only. my take is they are still using the same bandwidth teh IPTV on DSL is using so they are not taking advantage of the increased bandwidth on the fiber connection. although i could be wrong
i don't know myself but i heard rumours the IPTV service that fibeop uses is the same for the DSL customers who also subscrive to IPTV so it is possible they cannot up the HD quality because of the low bandwidth DSL connections have.
i think it might just come down to the TV too. a newer TV might have filters that deals with all the pixalization and cleans the picture up more. i notice this on my 5 year old 37" LCD TV vs 3 month old 52" plasma. but that doesn't mean there is not a problem. bell tv HD channels looked great on my 37" LCD
sorry man but it does have something to do with the tv in a way. like i said earlier in this thread the HD quality looks slightly better on my 1 year old 50" plasma than it does on my 6 year old 37" LCD TV. the newer TV's just have ways to clean up the porr quality of the HD signal. when i had bell sat the HD quality looked great on both TV's
i am not saying you are completly wrong but just some TV's have a way to slightly compensate for the bad quality so thats why most people who have fiberop do not notice the bad quality
i actually like the actiontec router. it has been the most stable one i had and i have had and i have been using all the brands over the years.

and it doesn't matter how good the data is. you could have 1000m/sec connection but its up to aliant to make use off all that bandwidth which they currently are not. we are stuck with the same IPTV bandwidth they have been using with its DSL customers
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