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HD quality

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Hey just wondering if anyone has herd something on if or when Fiber Op HD quality will be improved... i presently have both Aliant and rogers TV service but i have had to remove everything but basic service off Aliant and switch rogers to my main as compared to rogers HD especially on sports it is pretty bad... i mean i only have rogers for the few channels Aliant doesn't have plus you get Aliant TV dirt cheap in the bundle so i wanted to drop rogers and just get those shows off the net (Netflix ect.) but just can't justify it at the moment as on my 55" Phillips Aliant looks pretty bad... anyone got any info?
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There was a post a while ago that said that Aliant TV and FiberOp TV will be delivered the same. So that ruled out giving FiberOp people more TV bandwidth.
It's been reported here that Aliant has a working group looking at the issue. Who knows what, if anything, will come out of that group.
If you have issues with your HD, please call in and let Aliant know. I called and registered my dissatisfaction.
I upgraded from Aliant TV to FibreOp TV and the HD did not improve.
Try a BellAliant (Sounds Fantastic) store. In Moncton, the store on Plaza Blvd has a display.
The HD quality for yesterday's Leaf game was pretty good. There picture was still soft, but there was no micro/macro blocking during fast scenes.

The softness may be my 6.5 year old plasma, but the big difference was no micro/macro blocking.
Improves performance, but not picture quality.
I purchased a new Samsung UN46D6500 T.V. on the weekend. The HD quality is MUCH better now than with my old 42" Toshiba plasma. The quality I see now, is much better than satellite every was.

As for channel changing, the RT-N56U runs circles around any other digital service out there. It's almost as fast as analog cable channel changing. The RT-N56U brings back true channel surfing again.

But, Bell TV (satellite) PVR is still miles ahead of our PVR. Not complaining, just stating my opinion.
1 - 9 of 198 Posts
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