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Is just me or does it seem like HD quality lately seems to be even more compressed. As it seems be getting worst. Racing/NHL Hockey/ HD shows. Any Fast moving action. Yeah I'm using default component cables they supply you with that comes with 430 box. Switching to HDMI make no different really. I need pick up another one here soon.
I've had no problems lately, beside odd reboot. All Ethernet connected..
Any word if they going release another update/patch?


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yeah I know about that glitch. If you switch your connect type. It default you 480 connection (SD). It's not that..
Cuz I already double checked, I usually have set to 1080i on my new 42 inch LG Hd tv. Switching to either 720p or 1080i makes no difference..

It's at head end, At lest in my area, any fast action on screen become jumble of pixel, Any water stuff, Any Sports has quick camera jerk or looking at rolling of stormy ocean.. Detail is garbled. just seems lately its worst.. Before 2.xx+ updates. I think was sharper then. Hopefully next update they fix black levels and detail/adjust the compression levels.
I getter better HD with Netflix on Ps3/360 lol

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I now switched recently switched back to Telus all in one modems, Just to make sure it wasn't something to do with my old setup before.. Before snow storms in mid March.I ran fine with few problems. As I have been running month's with just telus DSL modem, then the rest going threw my Linksys WRT160n 10/100 Router..

Currently. Been using Telus setup. Using there all in one Dsl Router for last 2 weeks (No matter which setup I use, it Has continued to break up at random)

The single, channels are now skipping and have been for last 2 weeks since last bad snow storm. Channel are breaking up randomly at times, Sometime the whole pictures just pauses for good 2-5 seconds. then its catchup is fine. Sound sometime is lost, then comes back.
I've even have whole screen go black and Guild says
"Sorry channel can't currently be viewed "
Picture randomly breaks up. Sound drops and or picture go pixailed at times.. Never seems to be permanent.

I am pretty sure Its not my setup. Its not a problem in my house, or on outside box.. All that has been checked time and time again. I could be wrong but I have gone threw 4 different All in one routers. Using Telus just basic DSL modem and my router did run fine for few months

The only thing which I have not ruled out is. I live in shared house. I have upstairs, There is new renter's lives downstairs that did have Shaw installed..

a) is possible when Shaw came installed, they could have done something?


B) There is still something wrong outside my house that is causing some kinda break up of single or caused the tv picture to break up from time to time, (no matter wither im using all in one dsl/router/ or just Telus Dsl modem )

There are 2 boxes outside. One that supply Shaw and other that supply Telus lines..(phone lines )

I love Cisco 430 Box, The guild and menu. Even with buggy current 2.xx version.. Its is far better crappy cable.

Telus is only company (currently at lest in Canada) using Mpeg 4. Correct? I am really becoming displeased with my Telus lately, I am only paying about $110 a month. My Internet has been fine,Actually been more stable and faster then shaw. Both for up and downloads.

but I have been thinking of seriously switching to Telus Sat tv. But they using Mpeg 2 aren't they, and there HD is only 720p.. using Bell box right?

I am unhappy with poor HD/SD quality, Annoying sound volume issues. No 5.1 Sound on any there Sd channels
and No 5.1 info on any HD channels. The continue channel break up on both SD/HD channels. Tho HD channels do it more often.

To go to Sat get better picture sound, But lose Mpeg4 and loose all my HD shows I've taped..
Or to wait out and hope Next telus updates soon fix all this.

That is the question. At lest I have been asking my self since Late Feb. To switch to Sat or wait bit longer.. hmm

PS. Yes I have done whole cold Reboot thing too many times. Seems like I Have to do every month now.
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