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HD Chans over DCX700M

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Has Eastlink started offering HD chans with the DCX700M yet? I noticed they are selling them in Sudbury on Best Buy's website branded as eastlinks new boxes. Its pretty sad its branded as an HD receiver yet they won't enable the chans for ya.

Have they fixed the software billing issue yet?

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Well here in Sudbury they won't turn on the Hd chans unless you rent the dcx3400 dvr. Nice eh!

I heard they may change this possibly at end of Jan. or Feb, Just wondering if anyones had any success yet getting it.
I just got the DCX700M and the new DVR today to replace my old boxes and was told by the Eastlink CSR that the new box will not work for HD channels even though this box is HD capable (it even has the HDMI port). This is obviously to force people into renting multiple DVR boxes if they want HD. She said that if you want HD to work, you have to purchase your own DCX700M box and that will probably work (telling me that Eastlink has blocked the HD on this box). I have yet to confirm the lack of HD because the box won't work and they are sending someone tomorrow to look at it. I am located in Halifax, NS.
Nah thats BS cause I have a few HD chans working. I had some free sports when NHL center ice was on and currently AMC MTMHD and Sportsnet1. I currently am watching these 3 in HD so whatever you heard is poopoo. They told me they were still testing the boxes and I also heard the billing system they use doesn't allow them to enable HD without adding the dvr rental.

Whatever the case they should offer the basic HD for 4.95 with the dcx700m cause as it stands right now its 4.95 extra they could be making from me. I will not and I repeat WILL NOT rent a dvr. I have no use for it.

Interesting, so you have some HD channels working on the 700M without paying for the DVR? I'm still waiting for mine to be set up by I'm interested to see if the 700M will give me the same HD channels i get with my DVR in the other room. You have the 700M hooked up with HDMI I assume?
Update, the Eastlink technician was here and all HD channels do work on the DCX700M. He contradicted what the CSR said completely and said that the HD function will work as the box is designed for this. He also said there should be a capability coming to link the DCX700M box to your DVR and you can control and watch the DVR content from the DCX700M on another TV. I am really glad to hear that is on the way.
Of course the HD works. Its an HD Receiver. Why wouldn't it work. For them to disable it would be retarded. Yes I'm using HDMI. Again like I said I have no use for a dvr so if they want $5 extra from me for HD they better get their act together and fix their billing system.

Honestly imo they're afraid to lose dvr customers as I think alot would be interested in saving the $10-19.95 dvr rental fee and would swap their boxes for the new ones thus cutting into their cash cow.

Still its a dumb move on their part. I hope they see the light and fix it but I'm not holding out much hope at the moment.

Prove me wrong Eastlink!
I have two of the 700M boxes rented (in addition to the 3400) from Eastlink and there has never been an issue with the HD content. Works great.
OK, I misread the first post. So they are saying they can't enable the base HD package for 4.95 if you don't have the DVR. That does sound like them trying to force people into the DVR just to get HD which I agree isn't right, people shouldn't be forced into renting a box they won't want to get HD. Hopefully you're right and they make that change.
ignun, first where are you located and second I never said there was a problem with HD on the dcx700 (I even said I've been watching a few of the free HD chans)

What I said was they won't turn on the HD pkg for me unless I rent a dvr. You probably have them because you are renting a 3400

read carefully what I'm saying.

Borb4l, yes now you understand. Nice eh!
Follow the money!!!

DVR = Big profits. The current rental boxes have been bought and paid for by now. They won't let go of that nice rental fee easily.
hdtv tuner = little or no extra benefit to Eastlink, plus big cost to eastlink = $$$ if we all jump to the new tech at once.
old tuners kept in service also = big savings for Eastlink

They had no choice but to offer the new boxes as the old low def boxes have been discontinued and they are no longer buying into obsolete technology.

Mark my words. In a short time, low def will be gone and we won't be paying extra for hdtv boxes or services at all. This is the way satellite companies have gone, so in the end, land line will have to follow suit to stay competitive, but be careful what you wish for. Monthly fees will rise across the board to regain that lost profit. because satellite still can't offer the "Bundles".

They have us where they want us no matter what. Wait and see.
I'm sorry but I can't make any sense of what you're trying to say. The "old low def" boxes have not been discontinued. The majority of TVs in Canada are still SD or "low def", so SD will not be going away any time soon.
I'm getting the "free" hd channels plus some of the hd "basic" with my 700M in Delta. I'm quite happy now with the watch surf and talk package.

Never fails with marketing, 6 months free rental of a DVR is now being offered:mad:. I took back my DCX3400 and dropped HD basic to save money a month ago.

Better move fast eastlink

Well all things considered, we got a flyer in mail today from shaw sat. NOw honestly I don't know how reliable their service is but they're offering a decent basic lineup with HD chans included for $43. That's around $27 less than I'm paying now and for 10.99 extra they add 21 more hd chans for a total of 52 hd chans.

So for $54 + tax I'm way ahead of eastlink and get a whack of HD chans.

Are you listening eastlink? Your about to lose this customer if you don't gimme my HD.


As of two weeks ago EastLink has started renting these receivers out with full HD enabled. Rental, in Ontario at least, is around $6.00 per month.

I brought back two HDPVR's which weren't getting used all to much and were costing me $40 a month. $12 for two HD receivers is a little better.

Just an FYI
zuli486, could you elaborate more? Are you in Sudbury? I know the box's are are 5.99 to rent. Are you saying you brought your dvr's back in and they gave you the 700m's and you still have your 600+ channels? I don't get what your saying. They still must charge for the hd pkg itself which is 4.95 for basic hd chans.

Need more info?

ref zuli486 post;there is a free preview for the month of February,so perhaps those are the channels referred to with the 700.Also there are two HD channels that are always present unscrambled on the QAM tuner.
To clarify,

EastLink were not offering the DCX700M for rental, at least in the Sudbury area, and those who purchased them outright from either Best Buy or Future Shop were finding that they were not authorized to receive full HD packages. They are now available and with all packages, including all HD packages you pay for.

The old HD boxes that EastLink were renting are for $12 and change/month while the DCX700M receivers are $5.99.

I took back the HDPVR's I was renting for $20.00/month.

I hope that clears it up
Is it possible to hookup an ext harddrive to the USB port on the DCX700M and have a DVR?
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