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I got this message on my box. You all probably did too, but here it is anyway:

On July 21, your HD channel line-up will be updated to better support future channel growth. Now find all your favourite HD channels between 701 and 800. Thank you for choosing Cogeco.
Thoughts? Do you think they'll simply add the new channels to the unused channels right now, or will they re-arrange the channels to make them fit into better 'categories' around similar channels? And which new channels do you think we'll be getting?

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Sounds like they'll move the Sports HD channels (464 to 486) to the 700-800 range...
I doubt it only because the SSP is a subscription package and the majority of those channels are off air right now, and even if they are on air showing sports you still need to subscribe to the SSP to get them. It's not like you can access them if you have the HD package. That would be dumb on Cogeco's half if they did that, just leave where they are...

My guess is just a rearrangement.

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I am hoping that while they are rearranging channels now, we will eventually see several more HD channels added to the lineup in the future. There are many more that they can choose from that people (myself included) are eager to see on the lineup. Here's hoping this realignment is the precursor to something better.

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My biggest hope is that they move LeafsTV HD to the middle of nowhere because it's on air less than 100 hours a year even for people that subscribe to it.

I agree about the SSP HD channels. Leave them elsewhere because few people even subscribe to the SSP, let alone have an HD package AND the SSP.

Now that Cogeco has added a bunch of HD channels that I don't get the SD versions of (and they're in the middle of ones I do) it's becoming a pain. Using the channel up/down buttons are a pain when you don't get Nat Geo HD, MovieTime HD, Super Channel HD, etc...

Obviously there's no way they can lump them so all the HD channels each person gets are together, but frankly I'd love a package that gives me all the HD channels (not including premium like TMN & Super Channel) without requiring the SD equivalents. I'd get rid of most of my SD channels right now as I only watch the HD versions anyway. Basically the only SD programming I watch is on the SSP channels from September - April.

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Well, the channels have been updated here in Windsor, and almost all of them have moved. Here's the updated list. Anything I missed or anything different in another city, just let us know.

701 - CTV HD
702 - CBC HD
703 - SRC HD (French CBC I believe)
704 - CityTV HD
705 - SunTV HD
706 - Global HD
707 - CHCH HD
708 - Omni 1 HD
709 - Omni 2 HD
712 - ABC HD
713 - CBS HD
714 - NBC HD
715 - PBS HD
716 - Fox HD
717 - ABC West HD
718 - CBS West HD
719 - NBC West HD
720 - Fox West HD
730 - TSN HD
731 - TSN 2 HD (YES they fixed the order of the TSNs!)
734 - SportsNet HD
739 - LeafTV HD
740 - RaptorTV HD
741 - The Score HD
742 - Speed HD
743 - Golf Channel HD
744 - CBS College Basketball HD
752 - Movietime HD
753 - History Television HD
754 - TLC HD
755 - A&E HD
756 - APTN HD
757 - Showcase HD
758 - National Geographic HD
759 - Bold HD
765 - CBC News HD
770 - Discovery HD
771 - HDNet
780 to 785 - TMN channels
788 & 789 - SuperChannels
793 - WGN HD
794 - WPIX HD
795 - KTLA HD
796 - WSBK HD
799 & 800 - PPV HD

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Sadly no new channels by the looks of it.
As I said, and as it was said by Cogeco : On July 21, your HD channel line-up will be updated to better support future channel growth. Now find all your favourite HD channels between 701 and 800. Thank you for choosing Cogeco.

So it's just not there yet; it's sure is incoming though
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