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HD channels on an SD TV?

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I have an older TV, but I want to watch HD channels and NFLST. Will my TV display the HD channels if I get an HDPVR or do I have to have an HDTV? I know they obviously won't be in HD, but I want to see them for the content (mainly HDNet and NFLST).
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I am currently, and temporarily, running the coax output from a DCX3400 into an ancient tube TV. Everything (channels, Guide (including channels 200+), recorded programs, etc.) works. As usual in such setups, the TV is tuned to channel 3.

With RF bypass turned on, the channel last viewed on the DCX3400 remains viewable on the TV even with the DCX3400 turned off.

Of course, any other connection that your TV has will give better quality.
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