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HD channels on an SD TV?

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I have an older TV, but I want to watch HD channels and NFLST. Will my TV display the HD channels if I get an HDPVR or do I have to have an HDTV? I know they obviously won't be in HD, but I want to see them for the content (mainly HDNet and NFLST).
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I've connected a 6416 to a tube TV using component cables. If you're doing that, you probably have to set the output to 480i.

You'll see the full guide and can record SD or HD channels, depending on the packages you have ordered. You can play them back on a tube TV using any of the connections in order of preference HDMI, component, S-Video, composite.

Any HD channels you record will be down-converted on playback when using a 480i connection. If you have a standard "square" 4:3 tube TV you will see black bars on the top and bottom of the HD channels.
I don't think most HD PVRs have coax-out. Do you have any other inputs on your TV, such as Composite (Yellow video with Red/White audio RCA cables)?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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