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HBO- Game of Thrones

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I see George R. R. Martin's "OF Fire and Ice" is due out next month in 10 episodes called "Game Of Thrones". Evidently 1 book for 1 season. Trailers at the site.

Never read the books, my wife loves them, but in terms of length and depth make "Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" trilogy look like Readers Digest.
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Why are they doing a miniseries of an unfinished series? Won't that just leave everything hanging and unresolved, with no change of completion for many, many years?
Exactly: the 'pretty' brother, rather than the 'smart' brother. :D
Hey - the guy survivied after assinating the previous king! That takes a lot of smarts in the back-stabbing political court that is the Black Throne!!
We will likely archive the full season and give it a try again at some point. Watching them all in a row may be easier.
We have done that with other shows, and find that it really helps in remembering characters and actions that would have been a few months before in the normal broadcast schedule.

Game of Thrones is becoming more and more complex, as the level of politics and intrigue surrounding the throne are brought to light. You almost need a scorecard/character summary!
1 - 3 of 66 Posts
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