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The wife and I expected to like this one, but we certainly did not. We deleted the series recording after the first show. Complete and utter shlock. Normally David E Kelly shows are good for the first year or two before he starts doing his trademark garbage: 1. Soapbox style speeches by lawyers in the courtroom, and 2. Absurd over-the-top zany sitcom-style sillyness.

Lawyers arguing back and forth in the court and the judge just sits there? Please!!! :rolleyes:

It seems most of the characters were also just rehashes from his old show Ally McBeal. The blonde assistant is exactly the same as the Jane Krakowski character from Ally McBeal, and the male lawyer is basically just the Peter MacNichol character from McBeal.

Big disappointment.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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