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Here's a snippet from Bungie's weekly update:

O Canada

Not to be forgotten, we’ve done some conversion and determined that it’s now economically beneficial for us to let Canada in our Halo 3: ODST Sgt. Johnson pre-order bonus. Actually, we didn’t do any conversion at all (I suck at math), but we did just recently confirm that these Canadian outlets are in on the offer. Some of you have already figured that much out on your own, but if you’re not among said industrious folks, here’s the official list:

EB Games
Future Shop
Best Buy
Toys R Us

And again, no matter where you are, if you want to know if your favorite retailer is in on the pre-order bonus, simply give them a ring.
FS, BB and Amazon don't specifically mention the Sgt Johnson pre-order bonus on their websites, so perhaps it's worth a call or visit. I know that's the first thing I'm doing tomorrow.
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