More than half of American mobile phone owners do not know the month and year when their current mobile phone contract expires according to a recent study commissioned by Best Buy.

In addition, only four in 10 say they received a reminder notice that their contract was about to expire, leaving many consumers in the dark about upgrade eligibility and the plan options available.

The big box retailer's response to the finding was to create an Upgrade Checker where American consumers can enter their mobile number, zip code and carrier so consumers can verify the status of their contract and opt-in to receive a reminder when their contract is due for renewal.

No such checker exists today in Canada so Digital Home urges Canadian consumers who have had their mobile device for some time to contact their wireless carrier and find out when their contract ends.

You many find out that your contract has ended or is near ending and you may be eligible for a new device and a cheaper wireless plan. Thanks to increased wireless competition in Canada, prices of new hardware and plans have come down in the last year so it could pay to inquire.