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H/W upgrade to iPhone4

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My wife has a 3+ year old Moto Razr that is eligible for a hardware upgrade. She currently has a voice plan for 1000 minutes per month but no data plan.

I want to move her to an iPhone4 when they come out - can you just add data to an existing voice plan when moving to a smartphone?

Am I better off going to a Rogers store rather than a place like FS or BB since, presumably, the folks at the Rogers store would know more about my options for plans than someone at the big box store that will just try to sell me the regular iPhone plan?
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That's really up to Rogers, like all plans with the Big 3 there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule. It depends on who you talk to and how they feel. Definitely better off at a Rogers corporate store though.
Not always. I found a Blackberry offer on Kijiji from a 3rd party cell phone shop that sold for Rogers. It was quite a piece from my home so I went to the local Rogers store to see if they could get me the same deal. They said they wouldn't be able to. I then went to Wireless Etc. in my local Costco and they met the deal without a problem. They even through in a free car charger and case.

So you may want to compare places before committing to a purchase. The things you can negotiate are call display, voice mail, etc...

Since DH is not publishing for the next 2 weeks, I'm sure this tidbit would have made the front page since a couple other sites have picked it up.

Last year, Rogers provided a special iPhone upgrade that gave iPhone 3G owners the chance to upgrade to iPhone 3GS before their normal hardware upgrade eligibility. This year, we’re doing it again – and we’re expanding it to give millions more customers the chance to get an iPhone 4 at a discounted price! Every Rogers customer with a smartphone, quick messaging device, or regular cellphone (purchased on contract before June 7, 2010) is eligible for a discount on a new iPhone 4!

At time of launch, an eligibility tool will be introduced on that allows customers and sales representatives to validate their eligibility for exclusive offers and discounts based on their profile. The link (and all additional HUP information) will be available in Sales Central, so keep an eye out for it!
can you just add data
I believe you can add data plans on top of voice plans. So, you'd continue on with whatever voice plan you have and then choose a data plan. However, you should call Rogers and ask them. You can see the selection of data plans on their web site.
I did exactly the same thing with Fido in one of their stores when the 3GS came out and so did my girlfriend with Rogers, so you should be able to do it unless they've change their policies.
Be Careful when you go to upgrade. if you upgraded or purchased your phone after July 2010, you will get the discount price of $649 (16gb) or $749 (32gb).

If you got yours before, you can get the discount price of $169 or $269.

They wouldn't upgrade my BB (renewed in 2009) at the lower price :( , so I upgraded my older phone, but no iPhones in stock, so I went with the Xperia X10, added the data plan (online offered me the 6GB plan), and removed my BB plan as the wife didn't want it.

They didn't change my contract end dates, just listed new dates for my X10.:)
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