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That's an expensive solution! $399? Wow....

I see this antenna also covers up to 30MHz, which is far below channels 2-6. And while I realize that you're merely using this model as a demonstration of what could be possible for VHF-LO, I'm not sure that it's workable. In fact, I don't believe this antenna would work well for reducing noise/interference at 30MHz and below--where signal propagation off the ionosphere occurs regularly. It's difficult to filter noise and interference coming at you locally and from thousands of miles away.

As mentioned, determining the source of the interference may be more productive. Eliminate your own home first (do the breaker test).

If you have aerial electrical lines in your area, and the problem disappears during high-humidity or precipitation, it's likely those lines causing the problem.

Does the interference look like herringbone patterns? It may then be FM interference. Note that most pre-amps--if equipped with an "FM Trap"--only offer about 20dB or less of FM frequency attenuation, which is often inadequate.
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