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The various UHF and Hi-VHF Loop Antenna designs I've analyzed thus far are BROADBAND
"resonant" loops, where the diameter is about one wavelength:

SMALL Loop Antennas operate quite differently and are typically NARROWBAND. Note that
the suppression of LOCALLY generated noise ONLY applies to sources in the NEAR-FIELD,
which is less that a wavelength from the antenna [That's under 17-feet for Ch2. SORRY!!!!!].
They are more suited for suppressing noise coming from within your home in the HF band,
where the "near field" is much larger: [Loop WORSE than Dipole, except when VERY CLOSE] [Lots of info re Small Loop Antennas] [Simplified Loop Antenna Theory & Calculations] [Small Loop On-Line Calculator - TRY IT!!!!] [Small Loop Antenna Loop Theory] [Small Loop Int/Ext SNR Calculation]
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