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It just happened today that I cannot download the guide at all......and sometimes when i try and go back to a once 100% signal it not says signal not found and its at 0 on every transponder.

Model 3100 and has updated smartcards, it has been working fine for over a year now and all of a sudden BAM nothing! The household is set up with 4 receivers slpit with the proper splitter and the 3 other receivers work 100% fine. I did have problems before with this unit but never this bad.

I'll turn it on....a show will be playing (signal reads 98-100%), I'll click on the guide it reads "no info" on all shows and the guides progress bar will not move at all and remains blank I cancel out of the dead guide and the TV signal is now at 0 and no signal can be found at all.

No work was done with the CAT lines nor was the unit damaged. What is going on with this thing/?? is it fixable or a lost cause...or could it be the splitter or wiring?
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