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I've recently adopted Groundwire as my SIP client on an iPhone 5s, also with VoIP service via
The Groundwire app allows for fine control of many settings, many of which I've found don't need to be touched. There are two, however, you might consider checking.
1) Settings > Preferences > Sound > Noise Suppression
When I first started using Groundwire, I found the sound to be inferior to that of normal voice calls. The range of sound was reduced and there were weird, unexpected audio artifacts. In my situation, turning Noise Suppression OFF did the trick and restored the audio quality of my calls to that which I expected. I get the feeling Groundwire's noise suppression algorithm happens in addition to whatever iPhone would normally do to minimize background noise.
2) Settings > Accounts > xxx-xxx-xxxx > Advanced Settings > Push Options > Single Instance
Calls I'd initiated would not automatically hang up if the other party disconnected the call first. Turning this setting ON solved this hiccup. And now that I know doesn't support multiple devices accessing the same number simultaneously, this setting should likely be turned on in any event!
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