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I have a 5900 PVR that my buddy gave me. I been using on my boat for about a year and it has worked great. I have a smaller RV dish that I use.

The other day I got a small amount of pixallation, then lost the signal. I went to the check switch, ran it and was getting great signal on the even transponders but nothing on the odd. Ran it again and lost signal on all transponders. Now when I'm searching for the signal instead of the screen saying EV91, it says Default Satellite. I can't seem to lock on anymore. Used to be a snap.

Also, I got a full checkerboard green screen a couple of times with a line across the screen moving from top to bottom.

All of my recorded shows are there and work. The cable is good. I replaced it just to see. Skies are clear, no rain, no snow.

Is it possible the LBNF on the dish has packed it in?

I'm stumped!!:confused:
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