Gravity, a new dramatic comedy from U.S. specialty network Starz about people who failed when trying to commit suicide begins next week in Canada.

The ten episode, half hour series tells the tragic and sometimes comic stories that brought a group of strangers to a support group for people who have attempted suicide.

Characters in the show include Lily Champagne (Krysten Ritter), a twenty-something clinically depressed outcast; Lily's newest companion Robert Collingsworth (Ivan Sergei), a wealthy ophthalmologist despondent over his wife's recent death; Detective Miller (Eric Schaeffer), a New York City police officer who seems to be everywhere Lily is; Dogg McFee (Ving Rhames), the support group's leader and a former Major League Baseball player now confined to a wheelchair; Shawna Rollins (Rachel Hunter), a former spokesmodel and current life coach with a penchant for much younger men; Carla Glick (Robyn Cohen), a nearly picture-perfect housewife looking for inspiration; Adam Rosenblum (Seth Numrich), a 17-year-old lonely high-school senior and talented musician; and Jorge Sanchez (James Martinez), a Colombian construction worker with self-image issues.

In Canada, the show will air on Monday nights at 9:30pm ET on TMN and 8:30 PT on Movie Central beginning April 26th. In the U.S., the show begins Friday April 23rd at 10:30pm ET.

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