According to an article on, confidential documents obtained by the Toronto Star state that the provincial government of Ontario is being encouraged to invest approximately $65 million into creating a center to test self-driving cars, possibly to be located in Stratford, Ontario.

The regions of Oshawa, Waterloo, Hamilton, London/Windsor and Ottawa will also reportedly receive $5 million each to encourage the development of autonomous vehicle technologies.

The private sector will reportedly provide matching contributions of approximately $130 million over the course of five years. states that the report was obtained from the Ontario Centers of Excellence, who named Google, Magna, Blackberry’s QNX, IBM Canada and General Motors as potentially participating in the program.

The news comes on the heals of an announcement made by GM Canada stating they are hiring 1,000 additional engineers over the next few years to work at developing electric, connected, self-driving and shared vehicles.

GM has said they will hire 300 new employees at its Oshawa plant and 700 at a new Automotive Software Development Centre in Markham, Ontario.

The company will also invest $10 million into its Kapuskasing Cold Weather testing facility.

“We at GM believe that this will be very positive for out customers, for the environment, and for the economy. At GM we believe the future of the automobile will be electric, connected, autonomous and increasingly part of the sharing economy,” said Carlisle, at a press conference. “Rapid innovation has become important for all of us. Our CEO, Mary Barra, says a strong connection to our company is to disrupt ourselves. Transforming GM will be easier with the next generation automotive technology.”

GM stated its future will focus on developing active safety and vehicle dynamics technology, infotainment and connected vehicle technology, and autonomous software and controls development.