by Christina Peden

Industry Minister James Moore today announced that the government will auction more ‘prime’ wireless spectrum, with 60% of the airwaves set aside for smaller mobile providers such as WIND, Mobilicity and Videotron.

According to Moore, this is part of his government’s plan to foster competition in the country’s wireless market, which is currently dominated by the Big Three — Rogers, Bell and Telus. The Conservative government is holding the auction in hopes of spurring an investor to acquire and consolidate the smaller mobile providers to create a viable 4 th national player in the wireless scene.

The AWS-3 spectrum,as it had been dubbed, is considered more valuable than the 2,500 MHz range since it works well in both urban and rural areas and its signals more effectively penetrate buildings.

The auction of the AWS-3 spectrum will take place in April 2015 following a public consultation this summer to work out the finer details of the auction.

Bell, Rogers and Telus shares all traded slightly lower on the TSE following the announcement.


Source: Reuters