Google this week released the latest version of Picasa, its photo management and editing software.

New features include the ability ot batch upload multiple from Picasa to Picasa web albums, improved editing features thanks to Picnik integration, metadata enhancements, bug fixes and a cool new feature called face movies.

Face movies let you create a movie based around one person both figuratively and literally. Instead of the usual transition from one photo to the next, the images align the person's face in the stream of photos making for a smooth viewing experience focusing on the person in the photos rather than the transition effects themselves.

Another popular feature of V3.8 should be the ability to batch upload Picasa Web Albums. In addition to uploading multiple photos, you can now upload entire albums, all at the same time, plus remove albums from your Picasa Web account, change the upload size, visibility and sync state of photos that are already online.

Download Picasa V3.8
Under the hood, Google says it has as improved support for external drives, increased efficiency of CPU usage, and improved settings when sharing with Gmail contact groups.

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