Google Canada and start-up enabler, Communitech have formed a partnership to help Canadian technology companies succeed.

Google and Communitech plan to open a new digital collaboration space to mentor and host start-ups in the early stages of their involvement with Communitech's Hyperdrive accelerator initiative.

Start-ups that get accepted to the Hyperdrive program receive $50,000 seed funding to start off a three-month development program, and if successful, another $150,000 over the course of an 18-month continuation.

Located adjacent to both the Hyperdrive and Google Kitchener-Waterloo offices, the new office space will be used in part to connect start-ups to Google's Global Entrepreneurial Network and Google Developer Network, as well as other acceleration initiatives around the world.

Google Canada's Director of Engineering, Steve Woods, said: "Start-ups fuel innovation and play a key role in growing Canada's digital economy - that's why it's critically important to nurture the amazing entrepreneurial talent here as a way of growing our start-up community."

Day to day activities for both partners will include providing technical and business advice, performing the role of mentors, and staffing the collaboration space daily.

"We hope this collaboration will be a model for future partnerships and continue to support and enrich the vibrant tech startup community here in Ontario," added Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech.

Also, Google Ventures, the US venture-capital arm of the search giant, recently bumped up funds to $300 million a year from $200 million, to foster additional growth opportunities.

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