Yesterday, Google set their new tablet, the Pixel C, upon the world for all to enjoy.

The convenient device comes with a full-sized keyboard, while keeping the portability of a tablet.

The keyboard attaches to the screen via magnets and automatically connects using Bluetooth.

According to Google, when this tablet- the first designed with Android 6.0, Marshmallow in mind-and keyboard are closed together, the keyboard charges wirelessly and automatically.

For times when you just want the tablet, the site says, the keyboard attaches securely behind the tablet, also with magnets.

Other features of the Pixel C include high-resolution, a 10.2” display, stereo speakers, a 10+ hours battery life, security benefits and more than 1 million apps on Google Play.

This tablet comes with 3GB of RAM paired to the latest Nvidia X1 64-bit processor. It is available on the Google Store now starting at $499, USD, for the 32GB version, with the keyboard costing an additional $149.