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Google ends Nexus One?

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I'm not too sure where this leaves Canada with regards to Droid competition for the Iphone.
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This was first announced a couple of months ago. I'm glad I got my Nexus One when I did as I don't know of any Canadian mobiles who are going to carry it.
There's been talk of them ending online sales for a while. It was a great idea though, purchasing phone direct from manufacturer unlocked. Of course it does kind of suck to purchase without being able to see the phone in person.

Anyhow, there is still plenty of android based phones available in Canada.
It is too bad but the TELUS HTC Desire is the exact same phone with a HTC Sense UI.
The Telus HTC Desire has a ifferent display (Super LCD vs. AMOLED), and I haven't seen any reviews of that particular display. There is also the fact that the Nexus One was the first (and still only) Android phone to have an official build of FroYo released. The other devices will get it eventually, but time will tell when that happens.

(Yes I know you can root the phone and flash an unofficial version, but not everyone would be willing to do that).
The screen won't be AMOLED due to a worldwide shortage, any new NEXUS Ones would probably use the Sony Super LCD as well if they continued to be sold. From the reviews I have watched, the Desire won every review over the NEXUS One.
Its only second to the evo4g...
Im sure the "last shipment" is probably like, 10 000 units or something..
but I've been tempted with buying one for a while.
So.. I ordered one Sat :p

Nothing like having spent a paycheque before you have it. :D
Google will be in the game with Android for the long haul. Perhaps they were just using Nexus One to collect some data on the market's tolerance for unlocked phones and carrier control over the whole mobile experience???
In my mind this isn't a surprise ... Google pushed out the Nexus one to show what Android was capable of and get the general public more excited about this open mobile o/s ... and that has happened IMO.

Also, no matter what else happens the Nexus One lasted longer then the MS Kin and that is a success in my book.
They are still making the Nexus One, they're just not going to sell them online anymore. Any Canadian provider could in theory begin to carry it among their handset lineup. I would not be shocked to see it with Shaw or Videotron when they launch, both will need high profile devices if they want to compete with the Big 3 and both could offer it subsidized on contract.

As for high-end iPhone competition, for now we have the HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone, both on Telus, and the Samsung Vibrant on Bell. I would expect to see some more Galaxy S phones before too long, maybe on Rogers. The problem is that the Big 3 share frequency with AT&T, who have the weakest showing of Android of all the American providers. Still, both the 850 variant of the Desire and the 850 variant of the Vibrant are unique to Canada, so who knows.
See less See more matter what else happens the Nexus One lasted longer then the MS Kin and that is a success in my book.
In the mobile industry, one cannot compare anything to Microsoft to ascertain success.
The nexus one is far from dead, especially with froyo.
I've seen head to head reviews, and the 6 month old N1 holds its own against the brand new (supposed to be superior) iphone 4.
Apart from 720p video, there's nothing the iphone could do that the N1 couldn't in pretty much everything I read. (and N1 can do flash, i4 can't)
Also, apparently 720p video is possible, it just needs to be enabled via firmware update/hack.

As said, google's just stopping the sale through the website. It will still be sold in-stores and through carriers (?). There've just been no agreements with Canadian or US stores announced yet.
The Nexus One is no longer available direct from Google.

Their help page says that it will eventually be sold via a partner to registered developers, but there's nothing saying it will be available to regular North American customers.
Man am I glad I got mine when I did. Love this phone. Still the official developer phone until at least the end of the year.
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