Late last week, Japan was hit with twin earthquakes in its Kyushu region, leaving several dead and thousands without vital services, as was coastal Ecuador, which received a 7.8-magnitude quake on Saturday that left hundreds dead and death tolls rising.

In light of these natural disasters, Google has announced that they have activated Person Finder in Japanese and Spanish and are offering other services to help people affected connect.

Person Finder is an open source web application that was created by volunteer Google engineers in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, that provides a registry and message board for survivors, family, and loved ones affected by natural disasters, allowing users to post and search for information about each others' status and whereabouts.

Google has also announced that they are currently offering free calls via Hangouts , Hangouts Dialer or Google Voice to and within Ecuador to help people communicate with loved ones.

The tech company has updated Waze with more than 90 safe place locations, including local shelter information.

For people in and around the affected areas, Google Now cards with critical crisis-related information like missing person resources, safety zones, and aftershock safety tips are now available.

Google says they have made the same information available on search for earthquake-related searches.

In Japan, the tech company has launched a landing page and crisis map showing accessible roads and places where people can get disaster resources like fresh water.

Experts are currently debating whether or not the earthquakes separated across the ocean could be related to each other.

Japan experienced an earthquake of 7.8 just last May, in the Bonin Islands. Ecuador’s last significant earthquake took place in August of 2010, measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale.